The timeless gentle man

Berkeley gives the timeless gentle man an undeniable sense of passion, purpose and ease, whether at work, sailing the bay or enjoying an evening out. This dapper connoisseur is the inspiration behind the Berkeley brand. Trough the new website and e-commerce Berkeley is aiming to making the brand accessible for a bigger audience. We designed the e-commerce based on Jetshop plattform. We designed and developed the website,  newsletter and did some great video production.

A brand new experience


The new website has a new and modern design, which is also responsive to working well in mobiles and tablets, as well as a thorough and clear information structure. During the course of work, we placed great emphasis on further improvements in the CMS, to create as smooth editing views as possible, and the ability to create campaign pages in an easier way.

”Autumn at the Canal House”
campaign video

We packed our bags and traveled to Amsterdam and the notorious Canal House Hotel. In this environment, a subtle love story was told where the products were framed by a timeless environment and long canals. The motion content generated a series of videos leading up to the main campaign video that were used in social media during the season.

Get inspired by
”The Journal” in your mail.


We designed ”The Journal” with the ambition to be a inspirational micro fashion magazine. The fully responsible layout gives the reader a the same experience across all devices and clients.