Shaping the future of mobility

NEVS is committed to shape the mobility for a more sustainable future. Whether you are a person who seeks smart and green alternatives to get from A to B, or a city aiming at a more sustainable infrastructure and a healthier urban environment, NEVS provides transportation solutions and electric vehicles that give opportunities to more quality of life.

NEVS asked us to evolve their website with new design elements and key features so they can tell their stories in a more engaging way and to give the visitor a better overall experience.

Fullscreen layout with integrated
video loops creates a more vibrant experience.

For this project we did the overall concept and design. We worked in partnership with Trell who developed the website. We populated the website for both the english and the Chinese market and created a campaign page with countdown for the CES Asia event. In addition we also did three videos as follow up for the CES Asia event.

Nevs wants to change the way we live and pollute our cities.