Feel the difference

It started in the early seventies when Volvo Penta needed a new kind of boat to suit their newly developed engine. An innovative group of people quickly seized the opportunity to create a new kind of boat for the social lifestyle. Nimbus was born. We have had the privelige to work with Nimbus during the last 18 years. We act as a in-house marketing department responsible for all Nimbus communication in all channels. That also includes producing all content, motion and still.

Designed and built in Sweden

Nimbus boats are built in Sweden and designed to meet the requirements of the conscious yachtsman who appreciates proper functionality, comfort and safety. Properties Nimbus consider essential whether you go for a quick drive, a social weekend or a long international cruise.

Welcome to
the world of Nimbus

We portray the Nimbus brand, people and products in authentic situations.  The photography and video are used for internal and external communication globally.

“Our collaborative relationship is key. The result is more willingness to allow for trust and creativity on both sides and that results in better work more efficiently.”

– Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director, Nimbus Boast Sweden AB